All Care VNA expands access to a continuum of high quality palliative care services for their patients through the Palliative Care Program.

All Care Visiting Nurse Association, a certified home health care agency, has collaborated with All Care Hospice to develop a Palliative Care Program. The goal of this program is to create an integrated system and continuum of care between the VNA and Hospice, which reflects a full spectrum of services for patients and their families from the time of diagnosis throughout the course of the illness.

All Care’s Palliative Care Program provides home care services for patients with advanced disease who are homebound and have a skilled nursing need. Our Palliative Care Program introduces an interdisciplinary team of professionals, which emphasizes palliative services, while addressing the many ways serious illness affect patients and their families. Eligibility is not restricted by requirements of a 6-month prognosis or a willingness to forgo life-prolonging therapies.

Unlike the usual home health program, the central feature of this Palliative Care Program is that patients have contact with both a VNA nurse and an experienced Hospice nurse. The VNA nurse provides skilled home care needs and regularly communicates with the patient’s primary care physician. The Palliative Care Program Nurse conducts periodic visits educating patients and caregivers about the principles of hospice and palliative care, and also provides consultation in pain and symptom management.

All Care’s expertise and years of experience help assist each patient and their family as they prepare to transition from traditional home care to Hospice care.

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